6 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start With A Low Budget

6 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start With A Low Budget

Are you currently unemployed? Do you need a business that would fetch you a good amount of money on a daily basis? If yes, here are 6 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start With A Low Budget.

The businesses listed here have proven to be very lucrative and have been a source of income to quite a number of people. Read this article to the end, you might find that particular business that would suit you and put a lot of  money in your pocket.

6 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start With A Low Budget

  1. Tutoring
  2. Cleaning service
  3. Marketing
  4. Selling drinks
  5. Laundry service
  6. Acquire and teach a skill


Teaching children and helping them with their school assignments isn’t such a hard task to do. Tutoring can earn you weekly income, even daily depending on how you want it.

All you need is basic knowledge about things children learn and you’re good to go.

You do not even need a capital to start that up. Just a pen and book maybe, then go get someone to tutor.

Cleaning service

All you need to render a cleaning service are a broom, mob, bucket, rag and soap. To begin this however, you must first make yourself and service known to people so that they would let you know when a job that requires your service is available.

You can clean halls after parties, clean a house before the owners move in and when they move out, clean offices, banks, work places etc. at your own rate.

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Not just marketing, but marketing for a commission! There are various brands in need of Marketers and they pay a reasonable percent of commission. See list of such brands HERE

If for instance $40 is given for each person you refer to use the brand, referring 20 people will get you 40 × 20 = $800. Imagine when you refer more, before the end of the month, you would have amassed a good sum of money.

Drinks supply

The relevance of drinks cannot be overemphasised, whether strong or soft. Drinks are important in any event.

Supplying drinks could fetch you a good sum of money especially if you are Supplying for a big occasion. Little by little, you could own your own warehouse.

Starting up this business do not require a huge sum, you can first begin with a few crates. If you are lucky enough, some seller will give them to you on credit and ask you to pay after you have made sales.

Laundry service

You can do this at the comfort of your home. Washing clothes isn’t new to everyone. You must have at one time or the other washed your clothes, the only difference now is that you are doing it to make money.

The basic things you need to start this up is soap, water and iron. You do not need to rent a shop as a starter.

Fix your prices, do a clean job and your customers will begin to refer people to you. If you are considering going into this business, Click Here For More Info.

Acquire and teach a skill

Acquiring a skill is more like investing in yourself. No knowledge is a waste. Asides the fact that you can put that skill into practice, you can teach that skill to others who want to learn.

Hold up, people use so much money to acquire a skill depending on the kind of skill though. So who said you can’t make cool money from teaching others that skill you paid to acquire?


Listed and explained above are 6 lucrative businesses you can start with a low budget. There’s no need for you to be idle. Rome wasn’t built in a day. You can achieve what you want to, just take the first step!

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