7 Simple Ways To Make Money From WhatsApp

7 Simple Ways To Make Money From WhatsApp

Do you know you can make money on WhatsApp? This might sound funny or maybe not. I’m thinking you might have heard something like this before. Anyways I bring you 7 Simple Ways To Make Money From WhatsApp at least $5,000/month.

The internet has provided us numerous opportunities to make millions each day. The only problem is we sometimes do not know how to utilise them.

Let us dive right into what we are here for. I have made a list of how you can make money from WhatsApp below, and I’ll explain the methods one after the other.

  • Offer Your Services On WhatsApp
  • Refer Your WhatsApp Friends To Apps
  • Doing Affiliate Marketing On WhatsApp
  • Selling E-commerce Products With WhatsApp
  • Become A WhatsApp Marketer For Business
  • Add Up A Lot Of Contacts
  • Drive Traffic To Your Blog From WhatsApp

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7 Simple Ways To Make Money From WhatsApp

1.) Offer Your Services On WhatsApp

What do you know how to do? WhatsApp is a platform where you can sell your craft. Let those on your contact list know what you do, the Services you can offer them.

This is easier now because the WhatsApp status have been provided where you can upload images of what you can off and reviews from your satisfied clients.

Once the people on your contact list see that you offer a particular kind of service, they will begin to patronise in no time especially when you have amazing reviews from your clients which you have to upload at all times.

2.) Refer Your WhatsApp Friends To Apps

There are several applications online these days that give certain commission when you refer you friend to download or use their apps.

You could earn a huge sum of money by directing you WhatsApp friends to those apps. Examples of these apps are:

  1. Google Pay
  2. RozDhan
  3. PhonePe
  4. Earn Talktime
  5. Task Bucks
  6. Cubber
  7. mCent Browser
  8. Pocket Money
  9. Cash Boss
  10. Lcredit
  11. News Dog
  12. True Balance
  13. My Team 11
  14. Cash Ninja
  15. Palm credit
  16. OYO Rooms
  17. Google DUO
  18. Lime Road
  19. Xcredit
  20. In Joy
  21. Free Charge
  22. Brave
  23. Cashback Voonik
  24. OneAD
  25. Sokoloan and a host of others.

The commission for each app varies, you have to try them out to know how much they pay per referral.

3.) Doing Affiliate Marketing On WhatsApp

For Affiliate marketing,  all you need do is find an affiliate program or network and find a product that has a good payout.

A good payout is something that would pay you anywhere from 30% commission on things you sell as an affiliate marketer and a few known networks are:

  1. ClickBank
  2. Jvzoo
  3. Warrior Plus
  4. Cj Affiliates, etc
  5. Digistore 24
  6. Health Market

You will be able to find a bunch of products that will give you good payouts from 30% and above. After picking the product you want to market, go ahead to your WhatsApp and make use of your WhatsApp status. You can join a lot of WhatsApp groups as well where you can share your affiliate link.

4.) Selling E-commerce Products With WhatsApp

Buying and selling happens a lot on WhatsApp these days. You cam easily sell your products on WhatsApp by following these steps:

  • Create a group for you brand
  • Invite your friends to join your group
  • Do a referral contest to gain more followers
  • Start sharing images of your products

It is advisable you put the prices of your products so that your clients will know how much they need to purchase your products.

5.) Become A WhatsApp Marketer For Business

Take up WhatsApp jobs! There are brands that need Marketers aside affiliate marketing. Utilise the WhatsApp community by advertising for those brands and get paid.

You can do this at the comfort of your home, just ensure you meet your target.

6.) Add Up A Lot Of Contacts

Do you know you can make money by adding a lot of contacts? Yes, you can! Join a lot of groups,  introduce yourself let people follow you. You can create a “WhatsApp TV” which is in vouge only when you have a lot of audience.

Get as much as 3000 – 5000 contacts, and begin advertising for brands at your own charge rate!

7.) Drive Traffic To Your Blog From WhatsApp

Having lots of contacts as stated above can come in handy when you run a blog. Imagine getting 3,000 views from WhatsApp alone.

It is no news that the more traffic you get means, more money for you.

WhatsApp can be that avenue where you direct people to your blog.


Make up your mind to make money, there are several opportunities out there and online, one just needs to uncover them.

I hope this article has been helpful. Kindly share to as many people as possible. There are more articles on this blog you can check out as well.

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