How to be ahead of your competitors

Every business has a competition in every street, area, state, society and country. People go into different businesses everyday in order to make a living. Sometimes our competitors outshine us, we don’t really get customers most times because of our competitors, and it’s makes us want to give up on business. A business without sales or customers can not function effectively.

Guess what???

There are ways you can be ahead of your competitors. Grab your pen and paper to jot because you are about to learn something good for your business.

How to be ahead of your competitors

1. Educate your target audience on what you do or sell. Maybe you make glowing creams or any kind of cream, you can tell them a little bit of how the creams were made. The quality of ingredients you used in making them, the process you went through while making them. The efforts you put into it, the time, money etc

2. Tell them why they should use your products, the advantages of using it. What they stand to loose if they don’t use it. The benefits attached to the product. Let them know if your product is the solution to the problem they are facing.

3. Don’t let a customer go without being satisfied with your products or services, offer after sales services. Give a money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied. Let them know your product is top-notch.

It’s not really necessary for people to know everything about your product but they will feel comfortable doing business with you especially a first time customer. It brings trust, it makes them feel that you have or know what they really want. You care for them etc.

Most importantly, teach them how to avoid sun burn, how to care for their skin if it’s a Skincare brand.

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