How To Make Professional Designs & Earn Money From Canva

How To Make Professional Designs & Earn Money From Canva

Today, I bring you detailed information on how to make professional designs and earn money from Canva. Before we go right into it, it is very important that you know what Canva is.


Canva is a basic designing app that can be used to create colourful and professional flyers, banners, CV, invitation cards and so on.

This app has been built in a very standard way that one could make beautiful designs from already made templates.

You do not need to start creating from the scratch. All you need do is select from and already existing template on the app.


For you to be able to use Canva, you must first download the app. Here’s how to do that;

  1. Simply go to playstore
  2. Search for Canva
  3. Download instantly
  4. Install the app

You can easily make use of the application on your mobile phone or laptop.

After getting the app, open it. You might be required to sign in. All you need do is provide your email address and you are in.

There is however a pro version of the app that  requires you to pay little amount of money for an upgraded version.

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The upgraded version, grants one access to unlock many more templates. For starters though, I recommend free plan.

How To Make Professional Designs & Earn Money From Canva

To make designs with Canva, you can select from the numerous templates available and simply edit them.

You can earn money from this by making those around you know that you could make designs  for their birthday invitation cards, flyers and banners for adverts which they can use online.

With time, people will come to know you can do these things and they would begin to patronize you.


Making money online is simple and free most of the times. Imagine, all you need to make money from Canva is the app, time and continous effort am determination to get better.

You can even upgrade to using higher graphic designing tools as soon as you master the use of the Canva app.

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