How To Sell (What People Really Want)

Don’t sell anything to anyone until you know what people really want..

In life, we know everyone is selfish or have a little bit of selfishness in them, they don’t really care about anything but themselves and their loved ones. That’s the same way they don’t care about what a marketer is selling but what the product can do for them, how it can make them feel good and achieve the results they want from the product.

People hardly buy a product unless it satisfies their needs or wants. In order to know why people buy we need to put ourselves in their shoes, ask ourselves why we buy then know people, know how they live their lives, how they think, we should be able to distinguish between their needs and wants. This way we will know why people buy and how to sell to them.

What People Really Want

Here are what people really wants that motivates them to buy a product

1. Survival, Enjoyment of life, Life extension: Everyone wants to live their lives to the fullest, enjoy themselves, have a life without sickness or disease. If you products are related to this want or need people will surely buy from you.

2. Satisfaction of food and beverages: We need good and healthy foods or drinks to survive.

3. Liberty from fear, danger and pain: No one wants to be in danger, we all want security of lives and properties.

4. Sexual Association

5. Safe living conditions

6. To be in power, Success: People likes to be in a powerful position and they also don’t like failing.

7. Concern and protection of loved ones

8. Social Acceptance.

Before you start a business or sell a product you must know this 8 desires in order to get massive sales.

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